Blog Challenge Day 1: Challenges

So for the first blog challenge I’ve been asked to write about 2-3 of MY challenges holding me back and any solutions to said challenges. This is my blog post in response to this challenge:

After watching Natalie Sisson’s video – I realized that I have NO real challenges to speak of.  As a busy mom with a job outside our home, philanthropic activities, hobbies and friends, I am not any different than the moms in my neighborhood when it comes to challenges.  However, I must say that being overextended and choosing to be involved in too many activities has been my Achilles heel since college.  It’s been 20 years since I graduated but I do remember my years at Mount Holyoke were fueled by the need to join a myriad of clubs, be involved in student government, work 20 hours a week, and earn my room and board as a Resident Advisor. Alas these tendencies continue.

I surmise that my second challenge is a failure to break up projects into smaller tasks and follow-through to completion.  These are the basic tenets of planning. So basically I am a bad planner – of my personal projects.  I will put everything else above my personal development… in a way I use other tasks to procrastinate.

My third challenge is fear… fear of failure, fear of what people may think about my blog, fear that I cannot write and make sense, fear that I may reveal too much, fear that people will question my “voice,” maybe even fear of success?

I have a lot of work to do… I am up for the challenge. Let’s do this!




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