Blog Challenge Day 3: The ‘Perfect’ Day


This is where I would start and spend my Perfect Day.  This is the picture of my home crush – Swahili Dreams in Lamu an island off the coast of Kenya  and is the oldest continually inhabited Kenyan town. Lamu, founded in 1370 is one of the original Swahili settlements along coastal East Africa. Stunningly beautiful, Swahili Dreams just happens to be for sale.

I would wake up to the sound of dhows coming back to the island from the evening fishing trips with fresh cargo for the market.  Sun shining through my window,  my first thought is to thank my creator for all blessings and offer my work to Him. Next move is to throw back the covers and check on my number 1 guy (my son) and see if he had a restful night and then strategize fun activities for the day.  Depending on how warm the morning is already, I would take a brisk walk on the beach for cardio-exercise or go into my air conditioned gym and work out for 45 minutes.  I would then go and have a light breakfast and proceed to my study to work.

My work would entail Skyping with team members and clients with the windows of my study wide open with a fantastic view of the beach.  Down below, I get a glimpse of my son building sandcastles, or surfing, or swimming, or just playing with his friends.  Again, a sigh of grateful praise for everything. Toward the end of the morning, I go into the kitchen to discuss the menu for lunch and dinner and prepare to go to the market to get the fresh fish we are going to have for dinner this evening.

After a fantastic lunch with my son and his friends, we decide what fun activities we are going to do.  Is it a walk on the beach? A ride on a dhow? Visiting friends?  A lazy afternoon on the third floor deck and pool?  Entertaining friends? Shopping in town? Visit to a local hotel with other amenities? Or water sports?

Evenings are elegant yet simple with company. Lanterns everywhere at dusk as my guests and I drink gin and tonics discussing the news of the day, catching up on good books we are reading or vacations we are planning.  Satiated, happy yet tired we retire for the night full of dreams of another perfect day tomorrow.



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