Blog Challenge 2: Discovering Your “Why”

You may be wondering why I did “Blog Challenge 3” before “Blog Challenge 2”? Well, understandably the topic required reflection and I was not ready to put my thoughts on this blog before I had a chance to flesh out the ideas.  In fact, I know that this blog post is not “fully formed.” I will probably be thinking about my “Why” for the duration of this blog challenge.  I am excited to share my initial thoughts with you now.

Simon Sinek’s The Golden Circle is the tool I am using the discover my “Why.”  Here is Simon Sinek’s famous Tedx talk about this concept.  I have used this video in my classes for a while now.  It is amazing!


My what – in the next three years I would like to expand this blog into a resource for the world to learn about cultures around the world that are inspirational – Edutainment!

How would I do this? Through my blog, a syndicated program (on TV and a web channel), courses, webinars, products and services.

Creating my Why – Two questions are related to how we articulate the “Why” statement that will eventually become expressed using this formula: “To (make contribution) so that (impact)”.

Question 1: When at your very best do you make the best contribution to the world and others (particular time when you did something where people really benefited)? This is the contribution part of the “Why” statement. When I am at my very best, where I feel I am on my best game is imparting information, teaching, communicating my knowledge with others, having a dialog with people who are interested in sharing ideas… I will never forget standing in front of my senior class in high school as “head girl” and feeling inspired to talk to large groups of people.  I feel comfortable holding a microphone in front of a class, gathering or group.

Question 2: What is the impact of that contribution that you make? The impact I make is to inspire people to use the information to increase their knowledge of themselves in relation to others.

Why Statement:To creatively impart information so that people may be inspired to live a globally grounded life.





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