Blog Challenge Day 4: What is Your Superpower?

For this challenge we have been asked to come up with three lists before answering this challenge:

List #1: What are you good at? Planning – from work or home projects to complicated world travel itineraries to major events like conferences; maximizing my time and doing more in two hours than 2 people would do in 4; networking – I love to meet new people and make connections; being resourceful, creative and innovative; adapting to new situations. cultures and environments and learning group cues.

List 2: What do you love doing? Traveling amd spending time with my family; creative projects – decor, fashion, cooking/baking, crafts, entertaining etc; philanthropic activities – sitting on active boards and working with like minded people to change the world; learning something new and learning from others; and being outside and an active lifestyle.

List 3: What is your superpower? According my sister she reminds me that I am very creative especially when it comes to decor, cooking/baking, fashion, crafting and the art of living.  According to my husband, my superpower is being able to do more in 2 hours than 4 people can in 2 hours.  According to my son, my superpower is loving him and making him happy.  I do agree with all three… I am a deeply caring person who wants to make this world better for those around me and those less fortunate. I am happiest when I am creative and when I share that creativity and I work HARD… like really, really hard and I am not afraid of tough work.



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