“Let’s Do This!”

It’s September 11 – and starting my blog on this today has me remembering where I was 15 years ago… I had my dream job at Simmons College as the Assistant Dean of Students with a freshly minted Masters in International Education from Harvard, and working with international and ALANA students.  Life couldn’t be better.  I was young, single, and Boston was my playground.

The news sobered us all… there is NO other way to describe the horror, panic, and fear that came after. What was significantly poignant were my effort to help students get in touch with their loved ones.  The next day I had FBI agents in my office looking for one of our students – a daughter of Bin Ladin.  We never saw or heard of her again.  I often wonder where she is and how she is doing – she also was a casualty of this terrible day.

Through this tragedy there was, and still is so much compassion from people all over the world for the victims and their families, for the residents of NYC and for those at the Pentagon.  Glued to our TV’s and radios we watched and listened to news stories, personal accounts and commentary.  As a world we experienced this together.

We may all have experienced 9-11 together but I am very sure our reactions were very different.  I am almost certain of this.  We shared this event albeit seen though our own prism.

That is what this blog is about.  We experience this wonderful gift called life and process it through our own prism – colored by our upbringing, where we went to school, where we live, who we love, what we like or dislike, what we hold dear in our hearts, what hurts us… what sustains us.

Our prism is what makes us a diverse, multicultural, melting pot of a global experience. Our lives are interwoven whether we like it or not… whether we accept it or not.  Pippa’s Prism is meant to be a positive contribution to what we share yet expressed through me.

Looking forward to sharing Pippa’s Prism with you.



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